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Budgeting and Scheduling

Straightwire run a professional budgeting and scheduling service for the film industry, catering for all types of film projects whether short or feature, and whether involving multi co-producing countries or solely the UK.

With over 8 years experience, and from the school of budgeting of Line Producers who's film's include, Michael Mann's 'Ali' and Monty Pythons 'Life of Brian', we understand how important having an accurate and detailed budget and schedule is, as financiers are only interested in primarily two things:

i) the quality of your script and package.

ii) how much is it going to cost.

The quality of the script, and package is where you come in, but the second, how much it is going to cost is an area we specialise in. We will provide you with a budget and schedule which you will be delighted with, covering every eventuality. 

"we are greatly appreciative of the efficient professional service you have provided, with resultant documents that are clear, concise and most impressively presented. Your work will be invaluable to us as the project moves from the initial development into pre-production."

(Sir Laurence Gardner-Writer/Producer)


"We're delighted with the thorough and detailed breakdown Straightwire put together on our project 'Forsaken'. We received an extremely efficient service and one that we wouldn't hesitate to recommend. We'll be sure to use your service again on future projects."
 (Anna Odenhall - Breidablick Films AB)


Having budgeted and scheduled numerous films ranging from budget levels as small as £150K right through to the £50M budget level, and involving multi-co producing partners, and complex studio/ location shoots, we know there's a lot to consider when devising a budget and schedule and that is why Straightwire are here.

Having an idea for a production is just the beginning of the process.

For a quote or a query about our services please contact us now.