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Death Penalty

2015. Nevada, Texas. Gabriel Angel, is an innocent man...but guilty in the eyes of the law. He takes his final breath as he's injected with a lethal poison...Seconds later it's all over for Gabriel.

Or so he thinks...

He awakens on a bus traveling at high speed through the darkness, and he's not alone. There are others with him, including Silus and Jai. All are dressed in matching prison attire; shackled together, disorientated. The bus slows and pulls into a huge darkened military compound...This is Fort Morville.

The Prisoners step off the bus where they're greeted by scores of military guards, then General Maddox, takes the stand, No doubt the believers amongst you, thought you’d be in heaven by now...But let me make it plain. You’re all in hell!”

2 months later, Gabriel, Silus, and Jai, have settled into some kind of normality in their brutal prison world. They work out every day and bust there asses on the factory floor...But questions remain unanswered...Why are they here? And what the hell is going on? 

One thing the prisoners do know is that they were all SUPPOSED to die!

Then one day, General Maddox picks Gabriel, Silus and Jai for a 'special outside expedition'. It's the first time the prisoners have seen light since they've been at Fort Morville, and what a surprise...The prison is surrounded by miles upon miles of endless desert...Fort Morville is Alcatraz in the Sand!

Eventually their bus pulls up in the middle of nowhere and dumps the prisoners on the lonely desert road. They're shackled together to a telegraph pole, in sight of a CCTV camera which watches there every move. Then the guards order the prisoners to repair the potholes, before boarding the bus and disappearing off into the distance, leaving the prisoners all alone.

Hours pass...sweat pours off the dehydrated prisoners in the burning desert heat, there's no sign of the guards returning...The prisoners have been left for dead.

Tensions start to boil as they hammer away at the road. Then suddenly their shackles break free! The prisoners look at one another stunned...has God just given them a second chance? Or is this some kind of sick joke??

Welcome to the lawless world of Death Penalty...Let the games begin!

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