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Hiram is a rising talent on the British screen.

Starting in short films such as Fifth Circle , Fate And The Fedora Hat and Test Of Faith he has graduated to, as he describes it, 'the promised land' of feature films. Hiram secured the role of Manny in the acclaimed film The Zombie Diaries by blowing away directors Mike Bartlett and Kevin Gates at the audition, to the point at which they wrote the role specifically for him. The Zombie Diaries was released in the UK in August 2007 by Revolver Entertainment, going on to tour prestigious festivals such as FrightFest, Sitges, Austin & Little Rock . Consequently The Weinstein Company will be releasing The Zombie Diaries in North America this summer.

Realising the potential to expand his range and 'have fun' with the character of Ed in Gnaw, Hiram dedicated himself to the audition process and subsequently the filming of Gnaw. His performance exemplifies this. The producers expanded the character to take advantage of what Hiram was bringing to Ed.

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