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Tim Hampton is a hugely experienced producer, having worked on countless movie productions over the years. His first major success was as Production Supervisor on the first two Superman Movies, followed shortly by Line Producing Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

From 1979-83, Tim worked as European Production Executive/Managing Director of 20th Century Fox, where he worked on, amongst others, the multi-Oscar winning Chariots of Fire.

From 1983-85, he worked as Co-Producer on Ridley Scott's fantasy epic, Legend, starring Tom Cruise. This was followed by a return to 20th Century Fox where he took up the position of Vice President, overseeing two major blockbusters, James Cameron's Aliens, and Jewel of the Nile. In 1987, Tim Produced Roman Polanski's Frantic.

In the 90's Tim continued his relationship with 20th Century Fox, acting as production consultant on movies being shot in Europe. From 1992-94 Tim was president of production at Cinevox Entertainment overseeing with Deiter Geissler all of the company's development and production activities.

Additional credits include Executive Producer on Never Ending Story II, Co-Producer on The Legend of Pinocchio. His more recent work was Producer on Lost in Space directed by Stephen Hopkins.
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