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Philo Pieterse founded Philo Pieterse Productions in 1980, which concentrated itself on the production of film in various spheres of the communications and entertainment industries.

Philo’s trailblazing Sun City commercial, set to Queen’s concert showstopper “We Will Rock You”, scooped Hollywood’s International Broadcasting award in 1986. This was only one of the scores of media honours the company has received from judges both here, and abroad, over the past eighteen years, in this arena. From here-on, Philo became further involved in other aspects of the film industry.

One of the high points of Philo’s illustrious career was the executive production of the film E’Lollipop (1976), which starred Academy award winner, Jose Ferrer, and was produced in both the USA and South Africa. The film enjoyed success globally, as well as in this country.

Philo always being a visionary, decided to expand the company’s interests on the International front, and a management decision was taken to source additional projects abroad, particularly from France, Germany and other European countries that could be co-produced and serviced in South Africa.

Philo Films enjoys a significant and notable global presence. It has produced and co-produced with companies all over the world, and especially with North American and European markets. High profile credits include; The Red Phone (2004) starring Arnold Vosloo, Michael Wincott, and Michael Ironside; Dangerous Ground (1997), starring Ice Cube, Ving Rhames, Elizabeth Hurley; Steel Dawn (1987), starring Patrick Swayze; The Gods Must be Crazy (1980) a hugely successful action comedy which won several international awards, and most recently Platinum (2004), an action adventure film based on the true story of Hans Merensky, the father of platinum mining.
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