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Snoo graduated from the University of East Anglia in 1969. He has worked as a script editor at the BBC, taught script-writing at the National Film School and the First National Screenwriter's Laboratory. He was associate Professor of Creative Drama at University College of San Diego in 1986.

Snoo's stage plays include, The Pleasure Principle, The Number of the Beast, The Grass Widow, More Light, 80 Days, Callas, Darwin's Flood, HRH, Sabina and Moonshine. His novels include: Spaceache (1995), Inside Babel (1986), and I, Crowley (1998)

Snoo's feature scripts include Shadey, directed by Philip Saville and The Touch, directed by Kystof Zanussi. His TV scripts include, Melmont and a 'Without Walls' special on Aleister Crowley for Channel Four.

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