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After successfully working on film and theatre projects in Australia, Costume Designer Hayley Nebauer moved to the UK in August 2005. Upon arriving, she worked with Academy Costumes (working on ‘The Producers' and ‘Munich' - feature film from Stephen Spielberg). Since then, she has designed two film projects. The first of these was the promo for the Edwardian (1904) period feature film Where Love Reigns, alongside Oscar-winning Cinematographer Jack Cardiff, Production Designer Terry Ackland-Snow and Executive Producer Martin Scorsese. Following this, Hayley worked with award-winning Director Mark Jay on the contemporary feature film Dolphins, shooting in Brighton, UK (starring Frank Harper, Rootz Manuva and Karl Davies).

Hayley has worked in costume roles on SONY/ Columbia Pictures 'Ghost Rider' (Feature Film- Contemporary, starring Nicolas Cage), Screentime/ BBC's ‘Mary Bryant' (T.V. Miniseries - 1786), The Australian Ballet Company‘s ‘The Three Musketeers' (Ballet), and Sarti Maglie (Faliero Sarti & Figli) in Prato, Italy, working in Textile Design.

With strong experience in both accurate period costume and contemporary,

Hayley specializes in projects that fuse historical and contemporary costume together, creating hybrid aesthetics and designs. Her design philosophies and methods are applicable to a wide range of film productions. Adding her combined experience, she is highly adaptable and works with the main goal of creating costumes which gel well with the overall production design and Director's vision.

Forthcoming feature film projects include ‘The Bard: The Story of Robert Burns', which is being filmed in Scotland in 2007.

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